P. O. Box 3094, Fort Lee, NJ  07024
145.450 MHz,  minus 600KHz -PL. 100
443.950MHz, plus 5.0MHz -PL. 141.3
Echolink, W2MPX-R, Node 501504

President; John Acovino, KB2VVO  (201) 887-7936
Vice President and Repeater Manager; Frank Ferrer  WA2FVF
Treasurer/ Trustee; Armand Lucchesi  WA2SHA
Secretary; Roy Decker KD2CMS
This photo of some core members was taken in the year 2000 shortly before the death of Alex Magocsi, W2OV (far right), the Founder of the club.  From left to right; Nick Bernice W2NAB, Paul Lynch KB2WEE, Frank Ferrer, now WA2FVF, Armand Lucchesi WA2SHA and Tom Bennett W2TAB. 

Nick Bernice,  W2NAB
Jerry Raimondo,  WB2KZX
John Ludewig,  AB2UP
Paul Lynch, KB2WEE
Metroplex ARA Application Form